Review: GI Joe EXTREME

So, I decided to try giving EXTREME another chance.

These are SO not “My Joes”.

I stand by what I said about the animation style way back. { } And the rather blatant rip-offs of other properties.

That said, so far I have gotten to episode 11. And honestly? Some of the story lines aren’t bad. Some of them, my daughter caught the similarities to the earlier Joe cartoons… and that includes some of the Public Safety Announcements tacked on the end to get it by the Powers That Be. The writers seem to go a little more into character backgrounds….at least, for the villains so far. Well, at least for Inferno. (Like I said, I have only gotten through 11 episodes… there are 26)

But for someone jonesing for JOE stories I don’t know almost word-for-word, I guess it’s worth the effort to slog through and find the gold nuggets amid the sludge.

It’s probably just as well I really didn’t connect with these characters enough to want to add figures to my collection. Hasbro didn’t produce this line, Kenner did…. and did a sorta shitty job. They only had, at most, 5 points of articulation. And Mayday was apparently not deemed worthy of a figure at all. The only piece out from this set that I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on is the Road Bullet Assault Cycle. That is an interesting ride!

{picture via YoJoe!}

{picture via YoJoe!}


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