Hawk Obsession

I once said I there wasn’t a version of Hasbro’s GI Joe HAWK that I didn’t like.

Turns out, I may have bent the truth there. There really ARE versions of Clayton “Hawk” Abernathy I am not overly fond of.

As it stands, I own thirteen versions of this character, and I have another one coming in. (I also have Venomous Maximus, who is basically Hawk on COBRA drugs. If you really look at the face, you know it’s Hawk, because it looks like the same sculpt used for GI Joe Hawk v-1)Venomous Maximus

One of these versions is the COMBAT HEROES HAWK, which my daughter so thoughtfully presented to me today, because Hawk is one of my two JOE obsessions, not hers. (My second is SHIPWRECK. Hers are BAZOOKA and DUSTY) It’s …cute.General Hawk Combat Heroes

The version I have that I am not crazy about is General Hawk v1. He looks more like an astronaut than an Army General. I don’t dislike it enough to part with it, but it just doesn’t really fit my version of Clayton M. Abernathy. I am also not crazy about General Hawk v3, the mail-order figure that came out in 1993. It looks like some spaced-out diver’s suit. And v4 was no better, IMO; That was the whole “Armor-Tech Commander” part of the STAR BRIGADE release. Still, if I find either v3 or v4 cheap, knowing me, I will grab them, just because they ARE Hawk.General Hawk v1 with helmet on

Then there is the one figure I would DEARLY love to have for my collection of Clayton “Hawk” Abernathy figures. in 2011, Sideshow  came out with a 12″ Hawk. He comes all sorts of goodies, including his trademark jacket. Between that jacket and his helmet, I always got the feeling Abernathy was a motorcycle rider.


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