Old Age or Just Out of Shape?

I’ve mentioned before, I have been having health issues for about a year now. High Blood Pressure, anemia, dizzy spells, bladder issues. Are they because I have hit 50 and am over-weight? Is it just the weight issue? I don’t know.

For a while, I was walking with Mom and Freckles nearly every night, and often in the mornings as well. I forget what made me decide I didn’t want to do that anymore, but I stopped last November. Not good. My weight bounced back up to 250. REALLY not good. I cut a lot of pre-prepped foods from the shopping list, which seemed to help a little. But I didn’t start walking again.

On June 7th is the walk for Myasthenia Gravis. I imagine a lot of people have never heard of that. I hadn’t, until my uncle called and asked if I could help support his girlfriend’s fund-raising efforts for the walk. She has it. I looked it up: It is characterized by severe weakness in the voluntary muscles. There is no cure, just therapy to help. How does a hard-working mother, a nurse, deal with having something like that? I can tell you, after dealing with the dizzy spells and passing out on register…. I couldn’t do it, yet Nancy IS.

Last night, I walked with Mom and the dog. Mom asked, because her foot has been hurting. (You have two toenails removed; your foot would hurt too.) By the time we got home, my lower back ached.

Tonight, on her way out with the dog, she asked me to check the gas level in the lawnmower. (The yard was starting to look like a jungle.) Well, I did that, and figured since I was out there, if I could get the blasted thing started, I’d at least start on the lawn.

Oh. My. GOD. We have a double lot…(actually, we have a triple lot, but the back strip is all veggie garden… about 25 X 50 feet) By the time Mom got back, and I was about half done with the lawn INSIDE the yard, I was shaking and I guess my face was flushed. Mom wouldn’t let me keep going. She finished inside, and did most of the outside… until she ran out of gas. The Kidling is supposed to help with the yard work. Since there are places we can’t get with the mower, she may become the Mistress of the Weed wacker.

Once upon a time, I’d have gotten through the entire lawn without feeling the muscles in my legs protest. I wouldn’t have had to ask the Kidling for a cold wet washcloth while I sat twitching and sweating. I am almost glad my college coach can’t see me now; I can just envision the look I’d get for letting myself get this bad.

I have about a month to make sure I can walk Peebles Island. I am not planning to let Nancy or G down. It’s probably a good thing I have doctor’s appointments for the 28th of this month and the first of June, tho’.

Ya know…. it’s embarrassing to be in worse physical condition at 50 than my mother is at 70. Damn right embarrassing.

About Mad Annie, Bronwyn, Ann

I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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