It Might be Funny LATER

I already posted how I have to take my Ely, the Bravada, off the road. So, right now, I am sharing Mom’s Angel, the Pathfinder. Angel has a few quirks of her own that I need to keep in mind. She has a kill switch for the electric system: if you don’t turn it off when you park the car, the system totally drains the battery. Well, you can also push it too far into the “ON” position, and it will shut off automatically…which I forgot about this morning when I was heading to work.

The other thing about the Pathfinder I don’t like is that once you put it in gear, it automatically locks the doors.

I put it in gear this morning, pulled out of the garage….and Angel died in the middle of the road. Thank all the gods, our garage is on a side street. At least I had my cell phone….but not my mechanic’s number. And Mom didn’t answer hers.

Have  I mentioned that, without juice, the locks on the Pathfinder cannot be UNlocked? Have I mentioned I am somewhat claustrophobic? Nine times out of ten, I can deal with a problem and react later. NOT when I am locked in a car and cannot unlock it to get OUT of said car. The window was opened, fortunately. But that was not a route I could use, either. The BOTTOM of a window on a Pathfinder is just below my shoulder level. There was no way I could pull a Duke Boys move: Angel is higher off the ground than the General Lee, and I am nowhere near as tall as the Duke Boys. Hell, I’m not even close to being as tall as Daisy!

So, in desperation, and bordering on panic, I call Phil. He’s three minutes away, and on the approach, and Joe walks by…sees me sitting in the car in the middle of the road without the engine going, so he comes over to say good morning. And laughs when I tell him I am locked in and can’t get out. Phil arrives, and HIS first comment is about Women Drivers. Guys, your sense of humor aside ….GET ME OUT!

Phil knows about the kill switch. He reaches in the open window, flips it off, then turns it back on…and Angel starts right up when I turn the key.

I don’t care that I will never hear the end of it from them. I don’t care that Phil promises to tell Nick all about it. I can now go to work and I can GET OUT OF THE CAR!

I don’t panic often or easily (usually), but OH BROTHER…when I DO….

About Mad Annie, Bronwyn, Ann

I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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2 Responses to It Might be Funny LATER

  1. oldwolfmcmlxiii says:

    Oh My…..

  2. oldwolfmcmlxiii says:

    Ok so your mothers car locked you in…..Mine hits a bump or I transmit on 70 cms you hear it lock and you can only unlock Fords using the key fob!

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