Yup, we got more packages in today. I love getting packages. Today’s haul included my Shipwreck figure, GI Joe RESOLUTE, GI Joe: Countdown for Zartan, GI Joe series 1.2 and 1.3, all three Balto movies, and the Kidling’s Black Widow figure.

RESOLUTE was all a Joe animated movie should be, when you’re over 17, except I wish it was longer. The animation was spot on, the vocal talents were great, the storyline was solid. The only thing I might have changed and my daughter definitely would have … Bazooka’s death right in the beginning of the movie. Yeah, I get it: characters die, favorites/the good guys…. Is there an Joe continuity where Lady Jaye and Cover Girl don’t buy it? Duke get’s it in RETALIATION (which really didn’t bother me much, because I didn’t like how they characterized him, and the actor didn’t make the connection) But Bazooka is probably the sweetest member of the Joe team, so him getting taken out kinda had my daughter not sure she wanted to watch the rest of the movie.

Right now, we’ve got series 1.2 in. Nice trip down memory lane.

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