Review: Valor vs Venom

So it arrived today, and the Kidling and I watched it during supper.

The music is good. The story, while being very, very sci-fi/fantasy (what else would be new, and it isn’t always a bad thing) it is consistent and decently written and presented.

The animation is alright. The character animation leaves a bit to be desired. This is especially noticeable with the Baroness: her face is too full for the classic Baroness look. It is also noticeable with Gung Ho. Our favorite Marine has always been shown as bald…except for here? Then there was Destro….looked less like a mask, and more like he was wearing face paint.

For the most part, the characterization isn’t bad…two issues I had with it: Again in this one, Beach Head comes across more like a beach bum than a Ranger/hard ass drill instructor. And there is one scene where Destro wants to evacuate the Cobra base before Cobra Commander? Doesn’t fit. Destro would be looking for ways to turn the situation to his advantage before just giving up. On the flip side: Wild Bill, Slipstream and Ace definitely come across as the flyboys they have always been.

The conflict between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow is always good for a few minutes of decent fighting scenes.

I liked the way they introduced Dr. Link Talbot. Not sure about the modern army, but having veterinarians in the military was part of the game at least into the 1950s. And he did have a background the story needed.

Slash and Slice came across like punk kid versions of Tomax and Xamot.

Once again, I feel most of the vocal talents sounded too young for the characters. I’d expect Hawk to sound a bit more… gravelly. And I really can’t handle characters who are supposed to be in their late twenties/thirties/early forties sounding like teenagers.

Still, it was an ensemble cast, and everyone who should have been heard and seen was….but I missed Lady Jaye and Cover Girl.


And my favorite line in the entire movie came from Hawk, when Cobra Commander asked if he had any questions:

“You getting enough oxygen through that mask?”

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