This week, the Kidling is on break. No school. We didn’t have to get up early.
Only, my phone rang at a little after 7am on a Monday morning, while I was still dreaming about…. never mind, you get the idea. I grab the phone and mutter ‘hello?’ and no answer. “Can I help you?” a bit louder, because I am already getting pissed.
“You don’t need to shout. I am calling from Windows Technical Department about your Windows computer….”
I hung up, and I wasn’t gentle about it.

This particular scam has been around at LEAST five or six years, and you actually think I am going to even listen to your spiel, bitch? And trust me, I wasn’t shouting. That was still an ‘indoor’ voice when I asked if I could help you. Me shouting is a whole LOT louder. Don’t call me outside of regular business hours and expect me to buy your bullshit, either. I am not stupid. I am not easily conned.

The Do Not Call list works for valid telemarketing companies. It doesn’t block scammers who use automatic dialers/phonebooks/purchased phone lists. And the FCC has problems going after these jerks, because they aren’t usually in the USA or its territories.

They call again, I am sooooo going to vent on someone’s ego. I was having such a nice dream, and now I have a damn headache.

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I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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1 Response to Scams

  1. Peter Dean says:

    It is the same in the UK they drive me insane but Deb has fun winding them up – she got to the third level of their support last time! Seriously though people are still falling for this and the providers of the telephone preference services should really be taking some action here..

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