Review: GI Joe Retaliation

As promised, watched the entire movie this morning, and will now comment.

Okay, as much as I like Dwayne Johnson as an actor, the majority of this movie came across as little more than a vehicle for his career. And to me, he just doesn’t say “ROADBLOCK”. I’m not really sure I’d have cast him as any Joe, personally. And while, yes, there is a story arc where Roadblock organizes a resistance movement after the Joes are framed, he isn’t carded as being a squad leader. FLINT is a Chief Warrant Officer…he would have been the one giving the orders. Lady Jaye is known for her javelins… they were nowhere to be found in this movie. The characterization was weak. I would have liked to seen HAWK back. There is no mention where he’s gone between the two movies, but GI Joe was his team, and it seems suspicious that he’s not at least mentioned. And where are the rest of the Joes? The only one back from Rise of Cobra is Snake Eyes. Oh, and Duke, who buys it in the first five minutes.  The Blind Master, as far as the character went, was fairly decent…but if I remember right, the Blind Master was Arashikage, and the actor RZA, obviously isn’t Japanese.


That being said, this was actually a much better movie than RoC. We finally get Lady Jaye and Flint. Bruce Willis as Joe Colton may have been type casting, but it worked…except for him constantly calling Lady Jaye “Brenda”. Once again, Ray Parks as Snake Eyes and Byung-hun Lee as Storm Shadow were arguably the best casting choices in the movie. I’d also like to add kudos to Jonathan Pryce as the President/Zartan-as-President. One face, two characters to keep straight: Not easy, but he did it well. Firefly didn’t come across as unbalanced in the movie as I remember him from other venues, but he wasn’t a terrible characterization, either. Flint’s interest in Jaye did show up, in character, which was a nice touch. Jinx wasn’t too out of character. The fight between Snakes and Storm was great, since they have always been considered more or less evenly matched. The whole Storm Shadow working with the Joes worked because in cannon, StormShadow is probably the most conflicted character in the Joeverse.


3 of 5 stars for this one.


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