Children Paying the Price

What the hell is with this world? The Taliban storms another school, killing 124, mostly children. A 5 year old boy is found dead near his home after an Amber Alert. 8 children are found stabbed to death in an Australian home.

We the adults are supposed to protect, guide, and teach the children. Help them hold on to the magic of childhood’s innocence for as long as possible in the hopes they make this tired old world of ours a better place. Instead, all too often, adults use children as bartering chips, disposable toys, punching bags for their own rage issues.

No, this isn’t a new epidemic. It has been going on for decades, centuries even. But social media brings it closer to home, no matter where it happens. Those of us who hold our children closer in horror struggle to understand. Sometimes, understanding is easier, if no more comforting: a parent handling way too much on their own snaps and the result is beyond tragic. Okay, that is the ONLY scenario I can come close to understanding at all. Using a child to get back at another adult doesn’t compute with me. Looking for an easy way out doesn’t compute with me. Killing children to keep them from growing up into enemies REALLY doesn’t compute for me.

The angles must be busy: They have way too many innocent little souls to collect and care for these days.

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1 Response to Children Paying the Price

  1. oldwolfmcmlxiii says:

    The Taliban don’t want children to get a “western style” education as the children will grow up to be the next generation of Leaders who may decide to make peace with those the Taliban see as their enemy, the West and India,Ignorance make it easier for them to take over. They want females kept at home just being mothers and “slaves” and Men to just learn their twisted version of Islam.
    The Quran says:

    “And for women are rights over men similar to those of men over women.” [Noble Quran 2:228]

    Not at all what the Taliban or IS want
    my 20 pence

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