G.I. Joe: Sigma 6

I couldn’t do it. After two and a half episodes, I just couldn’t deal with this 2005 incarnation of GI Joe, offered by GONZO studios (Japan) to go with Hasbro’s toy line of the same.


Part of it was the continuity problem. That is probably linked to the fact I have not seen SPY TROOPS or VALOR VS VENOM. SIGMA 6 is set in the 21st century… and the Joes as I know and love them would be retired or dead by then. Most of the originals served active duty before joining the Joe team… during the Vietnam War. Which means, basically, to me, when REAL AMERICAN HERO came out in 1982, they would have been between 20 and 5o years of age. By 2005, and Sigma 6… they’d be instructors, brass, retired or buried. Time for new characters.

Another part of the problem is I am just NOT a real big fan of the anime style used in this series. The background panels aren’t bad. Once again, Duke is drawn like he’s on steroids, as far as basic build is concerned. ALL the faces are drawn too young… Duke looks like he’s about 18 to 21. Scarlett’s face looks 12, the Baroness looks 14…until you get to their chests. This style of animation seems to give the impression to be worth something, a woman needs to wear a 40DD bullet bra. As a big boobed woman, I can tell you… drawing Scarlett and Baroness like that makes at least 60% of their actions totally unbelievable, even within the confines of their animated world. There are just some moves we ‘generously endowed’ women cannot make in safety or comfort. And the voices… the characters even SOUND like they are underaged.

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