G.I. Joe: Extreme

Tell me why this one was considered a Joe line at all? Oh, yeah.. Stone and Savage.
This was one I did NOT watch in its original run. By the late 90s, I wasn’t really watching cartoons. Still, when I went looking, I had high hopes. After all, it was done by Sunbow… who, as far as I am concerned, has the best animated versions of most of the Joes (although whoever did RENEGADES did a better job with Cobra)

I managed to watch two episodes.
Because of the basic premise, the ‘futuristic’ setting, this version has all new characters, basically. Savage and Stone are supposed to be the bridge characters.
Deep sigh……
The animation…I guess they were going for gritty… ALL of the Joes, including the only female, look like they are on steroids, for the love of the gods. Stone looks like they took the original DUKE character, and put him on steroids.

Stone duke_g-i-joe_pictureboxart_160w

Oh, and not only is Mayday on steroids… lets give her bullet boobs. The girl needs some new bras.


These characters don’t come across as military. The way Iron Claw is drawn, he reminds me of J. Jonah Jameson from the older version of Spiderman. Wreckage turning green when he gets in a rage: direct rip-off of the Hulk. And Savage being in deep freeze for a huge chunk of years…. can we say Captain America, boys and girls? I knew you could! Another blogger likened the character of Clancy to Men In Black, the way he’s drawn. The way he is characterized, I have another option: Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Honestly. There are better done fanfictions out there than some of the stuff that actually ends up making it to the screen.



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