G.I. Joes: Renegades

I did say I’d be back once I re-watched this one, so I could compare it to both the Sunbow and the DiC versions. Well, I did manage to watch the entire 26 episodes. FAR better than the DiC attempt, in most areas. Better characterization of the COBRA side… if a bit more sci-fi than I think GI Joe needs to be. This was definitely a re-boot for a younger generation of fans with those elements…but within what they were doing, the full story arc and the writing were pretty on target.
I did find it a bit “A-Team-ish”, especially as far as the opener is concerned. Again, I have issues with some of the animation itself… I feel they are all drawn too ‘young’. I also have a problem with Scarlett being an officer… and out-ranking every other Joe, bar Abernathy. Yeah, as a Lieutenant, she would out–rank Flint… who was a Warrant Officer. And when did Bryn Mawr- educated, Martha’s Vinyard-born Alison Hart-Burnett (Lady Jaye) become a Latina with an inner-city accent? Or Breaker go from a bearded adult to a near-sighted adolescent nerd?

Still, as a re-boot, it had its merits….and I did like the “guest appearances” of some old favorites, such as Shipwreck, Airtight (although totally re-imagined), Barbecue, Snow Job, and Law and Order.


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  1. oldwolfmcmlxiii says:

    Chuckles as any “Officer” knows a “Warrant” rank is some one to obey themselves assuming they want a a long and happy career…….

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