Some Days

Some days, I really wonder if the fight is worth it. At this point, I seem to be losing a QUARTER of my weekly paycheck to the government. And for what? If it was going for education, or to fight childhood poverty, or to care for our Military and Service vets, I wouldn’t begrudge it. But it seems my money is going to line the pockets of upper level politicos… paying for vacations for a President who I did not and would not vote for, because I don’t believe an un-scripted word out of his mouth (And very little of the scripted ones!)
*I* couldn’t afford a vacation this year for me and the Kidling, but I am paying for someone else to go. That’s such BS.

And again this month, I am going to be late with my insurance payment and my National Grid payment. Sorry folks! Me and my kid gotta eat, and she needs supplies for school, ya know? I need gas in the car to get to the job that pays the taxes that let big wigs go on vacations and ignore the problems of the people. And if I don’t get some smokes, I can tell you the results of having to deal with some people will NOT be pretty!!

But, life isn’t all dark and glumy. One of “My girls” is going to be a mommy for the first time: CONGRATS TO ALICIA! “My Girls” is a group of under 30s that includes my daughter and a few of her friends, and several of my favorite younger co-workers. I figure since I am old enough to be their mom, I can get away with it. (By the way, Ali is NOT a teen mom…she is married and in her 20s, and very intelligent. I am not worried about her or her baby.) Two others are dating guys that seem to be well-mannered, hard-working, sweet and intelligent. And we still watch our Eye Candy come strolling into the store….

About Mad Annie, Bronwyn, Ann

I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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2 Responses to Some Days

  1. I’m glad not all of life is dark and gloomy. Good to get it out and then focus on the good things. I like that you do that!

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