Summer’s End

Well, actually, it isn’t. Fall doesn’t officially begin until Sept 21. But Labor Day Weekend, at least here in New York, marks the end of summer vacation and the start of a new school year. For most of the last 40 years of my life, that means at least one day at the Schaghticoke Fair. This year was no different.

Meriah and me another grand fair day
Now, while most people seem to go for the midway, that’s never been a major draw for me, or my parents, or my daughter. We go for the animals, exhibits and shows. This morning, the Parental Unit, the Kidling and I caught a few of the hunter classes (4H), checked out the 4-H building as always, strolled through a few others. As always, we had clams for lunch, and we shared a fried bread dough (Trust me, no way any of us was eating one alone…thing took up two plates!} The trip is not complete without a visit to Veteran’s Hall. This year, I got to talk with a retired Navy man, who was getting ready for the “Missing Man” presentation. I cannot sit through those, for some reason. I get way too emotional. Makes no sense to me: the only member of the family to serve and not come home was Dad’s Uncle Joe, and we know and have always known what happened to him. Maybe some day. The gentleman also gives tours aboard the USS Slater…I think he said this Thursday is the last for this year. Too bad I am working until 5pm. One of these days, I AM going to visit that ship! Every year, I manage to find something new, too…. this year, in the Exotic Petting Zoo, I met a Llama named Barock100_1464 Then, there was the chicken obviously not destined to be a pet for long:

Dinner signAnd one the Hubs will be sorry he missed. The East Greenbush Ham Radio Club was there, in the form of Tom, who actually gave Nick his test over here:

Radio Equipment and TommySo it was, as always, a WONDERFUL day!

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6 Responses to Summer’s End

  1. oldwolfmcmlxiii says:

    Chuckles will be seeing them soon enough 🙂

  2. LAMarcom says:

    “This year, I got to talk with a retired Navy man, who was getting ready for the “Missing Man” presentation.”

    You are top shelf.

  3. USS SLATER DE766 says:

    USS SLATER is open Wednesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., through the end of November.

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