HOME! And WITHOUT going postal on someone…

I am, by paid profession, a cashier in a grocery store. It allows me (usually) the flexibility in schedule I require to raise the Kidling and help the Maternal Unit. A few months ago, we had a massive revamp which included a hugely expanded food court. I did not volunteer to switch over to said area. I was content with my own little space.

The last two months, I have been assigned to the registers in the food court regardless. Some of the people originally hired for said area are no longer in the company’s employ, others need more supervision than is possible in said area. I have been around a long time, I can be trusted, and I can handle a lot of problems on my own without needing to call a supervisor or manager. (Sometimes, I need one of the managers for #s, so I can get into the system to correct a problem.) Okay, fine, I get that. Give me the job, I will get it done.

UNFORTUNATELY, communication over there basically sucks; I don’t know who is actually doing the scheduling, but they need to get a clue; we need ceiling fans in the seating areas at the very least; and whoever designed the seating area needs to b e taken out and shot.

The first cashier in, at 7am, is responsible for making sure things like cutlery, napkins and cups are stocked, and the chairs are down from the tables. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT FRICKING MIND EXPECTS AN 80 YEAR OLD WOMAN TO SLING CHAIRS? J has enough trouble walking in from her car. She is a great worker, but there is no way she should be expected to lift chairs (which, BTW, are on the heavy side) off the tables. Fortunately, she knows it and refuses to do it, and usually finds someone else to (including managers)

I get the seating area being in the center of things (we have several different stations to order from, each specialized)…but the area is WAY too small, crowded, and overly-warm, since all the ovens basically surround us. It is also so noisy, you can barely hear yourself think, let alone anyone else talk. (With few exceptions. I am a self-admitted Loud Mouth.) We do not allow shopping carts within the seating area (Fire/safety hazard), but we really don’t have a place for them to wait, either. And if there is nothing in a cart while customers are sitting with their food, some over-eager beavers tend to collect the carts and put them back out in the corral… meaning someone has to go fetch one again.

The BIG BOSS, whom I actually admire and like, decided he doesn’t like the standard single paper napkin we’ve been using. He wants plusher ones. Fine. Get us a good supply of them. We ran out completely today. I went and store purchased a 400 count of two ply. They won’t last, but it was better than nothing.

One of my co-workers, a petite little thing, had been having some issues with one of the guys hitting on her. She thinks she managed to deal with that. He came in today, got in her line, and said he wished he was home sleeping because he was drunk. She asked me if she should tell someone. I said yes, his manager. One of the other managers was in my line and agreed, and called for his manager. I know it was dealt with, but I don’t know the outcome.

I am just at the point if ONE more thing went wrong, I was going to start knocking heads together. And that was going to include at least three managers. What is so hard about establishing how to deal with ordering stock, knowing who to call for a problem (AND having that person actually RESPOND when we call!) and taking steps so workers and customers don’t melt like hot wax in the food court?

About Mad Annie, Bronwyn, Ann

I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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3 Responses to HOME! And WITHOUT going postal on someone…

  1. LAMarcom says:

    I would so much love to have a beer or three with you!
    Love it when you rant.
    (And you know, I rant a lot; so I do recognize good ranting)
    Cheers Friend and keep on keepin’ it real!
    Keepin’ it real Mad Annie!

    • Thank you, my friend! Truth is, I don’t drink much these days. Haven’t since I got pregnant with the Kidling. You probably would have fit in well with my college crew, tho. As for the rants… I am largely Irish/Welsh, and a redhead. When we cannot physically take someone to pieces, we rant. It’s an artform.

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