Waiting in the Rain

So, the maternal unit is having surgery on her foot. I took the day off, so I could get her to the hospital and pick her up later. (It’s out-patient) But I could NOT hang around there all day. Just couldn’t do it. She hadn’t even gone up to OR when I bolted. Me and hospitals aren’t really what you’d call friends. Oh sure, I did the Candy Stripe deal in my teens, and volunteered at AMC in my 20s… but when you are a volunteer, you are BUSY. I nearly freaked waking up in Lehigh after a car accident in the late 80s. And I couldn’t wait to be released after my daughter’s birth in 99. My BP is always high when I am forced to go to the ER, because I just DO NOT WANT TO BE THERE.


So, I kissed Mom, told her I loved her, and power walked the hell out of there. Right into a downpour. Was sopping wet by the time I reached Ellie (My Bronco). WIll have to remember to take umbrellas later. So now I am home, waiting for my clam strips to cook, listening to the rain and I will be waiting for the phone to ring so I can go back and get her.  I am going to have very wet feet when going out to supper tonight.

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I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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4 Responses to Waiting in the Rain

  1. LAMarcom says:

    I hate all things medical (and I come from a long family line of doctors–go figger)

    • There are lots of nurses in my family. I still don’t like having to go to the doctors, the hospital, or anything related. Only my innate common sense usually gets me to seek help before certain things get out of hand. And when it comes to needles! I once decked a poor EMS because he had to start an IV after a car accident… and I wasn’t even actually with it.

      • LAMarcom says:

        I don’t like dentists either.
        I even once passed out in a vet’s office when he informed us (my wife and I) that our beloved ancient kitty had to be put down.
        (Yeah, I must have a phobia of all things medical)
        But I have seen death in Iraq and Afghanistan. Never passed out over that.
        Sickened, yep, but never passed out.
        The mind is a strange thing, eh?

  2. Seeing something happen to someone else isn’t quite the same, IMO. I can react great in an emergency. Afterwards, I need to sit and shake for a while. Adrenaline? Who knows. The mind is indeed a strange thing, and I am not sure there are any stranger than mine without being a psychopath.

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