And…. it’s SUMMER!

Which means busy weekends starting today! First stop, Holy Trinity for their garage sale (held in the old school) I do have to love the way they set it up: each room holds a different category of offerings. Mom got a couple of books. I got two books, a mug tree and a new angel. The Kidling named her before I’d even paid for her! “Violetta” has joined the Spring Angels section of my collection. We also found a Thomas Kincaid mug for the Kidling “A Christmas Welcome” from 1996. It has horses on it, of COURSE she wanted that!Violetta spring angelsKincaid mug front Kincaide mug back

Then it was off to PC to get some lunch and do the major shop. I managed to keep it below $160 total, so that was pretty good. Didn’t get a lot of meat, but enough for at least two weeks. Now we’re home, relaxing in the heat of the day (it’s 80-something out there! My melting point is 80!)

Tomorrow, I have to take out two of the old roses out back. One is close to 100 years old, and still flowers, but has gotten so woody and wild… I am going to attempt rooting a couple of cuttings of it, because the house just wouldn’t feel right without the February rose out there. The older 7 Sisters isn’t even blooming this year, so out that goes. I will get a new rose for the spot but it will NOT be another climber. They are nightmares when you don’t really have a proper place for them to climb! The Kidling and I will also mow the lawn, and the Kidling is to help Grammie tie up the tomato plants in the garden.February Rose7 Sisters

NEXT weekend start early. I had to take Friday off, since Mom is having foot surgery that day (out-patient). That night is the Booster Club Banquet (and Mom has every intention of going!) Saturday is Pet-a-palooza, as well as Flag Day. Yes, I am patriotic enough that that means something to me. Just like yesterday did, and the Honor Flight that headed out this morning with 50 local WWII vets.

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I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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7 Responses to And…. it’s SUMMER!

  1. oldwolfmcmlxiii says:

    cut it well back as that will encourage new growth…….

  2. LAMarcom says:

    Annie, I love the way you write (think)

  3. aarongraham says:

    100 Year old roses…wow…I am impressed!

    • The February rose was planted when this house was built, by the original owners. My foster grandmother was 12, I think she told me? According to her, EVERY home needs a rose, even if it is only a potted mini. I’ve tried to care for the roses the way I was taught, but age and poor conditions will eventually win.

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