The Bitch Before Christmas

I used to love this season. I keep telling myself I still do. But it is hard to keep smiling and being happy when it seems everything is piling up against me and mine. Or I am just short-tempered for whatever reasons are really causing me to blow steam from my ears.

Mom hasn’t had her Pathfinder on the road in almost a month. That means I need to take her places, which I don’t really have a problem with, but it does mean more wear and tear on my Bravada, and more gas. Mom does give me money for gas. I have put more gas into Ely’s tank in two weeks than in the last two months. Not just for Mom, but for the Kidling (school related) and the hubs, who is home for two weeks over the holidays. I have forgotten the difference between buying to feed two, and to feed three …especially when the third has different tastes in evening snacks, and drinks more wine than iced tea. This year, I didn’t get what I really WANTED to get for those I love, I got what I could afford… which is a vast, yawning chasm away. Christmas trees have become a hassle in my mind, more than a joy (at least until it is up and decorated. It IS up; it is not yet decorated,.) Every year, I say “That’s it! Never again!” And every year, the Kidling makes me feel like Scrooge without saying a word, and Mom talks me into a tree because SHE is buying it for the KIDLING, not me.
So, what else is going wrong? Apparently, the stove is having issues. I’ve been having to light the oven manually. Apparently, the internal thermometer is also out of whack. Will have to wait. I have to pay on the car insurence and NatGrid first. Speaking of, can ANYONE answer a question for me? WHY does it cost $40.00 more per month in the winter to DELIVER my gas and electric than it does in the summer?


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