Duck Dynasty, Homosexuality and Free Speech FOR ALL

And once again, the media and hate mongers have targeted a well-known figure, blowing comments made by a PRIVATE CITIZEN totally out of proportion for their own agendas.

Phil Robertson and his entire family are southern Christians. I don’t know what denomination, I don’t care what denomination, and it does not matter what denomination. They follow the King James version of the bible, I think…. or one of the many versions based on the KJV. That teaches homosexuality is wrong, so that is what most people who follow those denominations believe. Phil was asked a question, and answered it as honestly as he could: He believes it is wrong, he doesn’t understand it. He never threatened anyone, or said he hated anyone. Actually, in reading about the entire mess, Phil comes across as someone who believes in hating the sin and loving the sinner. He was asked questions and gave his opinions. HE HAS THE RIGHT.  And because of it, A&E has “suspended’ him, and LGTB groups have blasted him with hate. He reported what HE saw, what HE remembered from pre-Civil Rights….and Civil Rights group call him a liar and revisionist. NON of these people know this man, or lived his life, so calling him a liar on personal experiences is bull shit.

I was under the impression the LGBT community wanted equality under the law. I agree they should have it. But to demand universal acceptance is more than naive. NO group on earth has universal acceptance. We are influenced by religion, history, personal experience, the media (too much the media, I sometimes think), fears, lies and half-truths. Much of this came from the Roman Catholic Church before the splintering of Christianity into so many sects. This concerns homosexuality, especially… and the place of women in the faith. It is conveniently forgotten or over-looked that it was the women who ministered to those in the catacombs, and that same-sex unions were blessed and preformed in the early church. {} They point at the story of Sodom and Gamorrah as “proof”…. only I have never quite believed Sodom and Gomorrah was about homosexuality. I have always considered the sin there to be the lack of respect for the unwritten rules of Hospitality and Guest-ship. Until that story gets straightened out, and people realize that if the God of Abraham made mankind in His image, and He can’t get it wrong, then homosexuality isn’t a sin, you aren’t going to have people universally accepting it. I serious doubt you will EVER get to the point everyone is comfortable with it. (By the way, there is NO mention of homosexuality in the Ten Commandments. “Adultery” means two people committed to OTHER people shouldn’t be messing with each other}

So leave Phil Robertson alone. He stated his beliefs, he did not try to shove them down anyone’s throat at the business end of a shotgun….or sword, or bomb, etc. He’s a man who worked his ass off to provide for his family, to have something to pass down to them. Do I agree with him? No, because I haven’t somewhat blindly followed any doctrine in thirty years. Do I understand where he’s coming from? HELL YEAH! “Children learn what they live”. Does it matter if anyone agrees or disagrees with him? Not really. He is a private citizen, and is NOT trying to shove something down people’s throats. In my life, there are many people very dear to my heart who walk different Paths in the Light. I don’t agree with everything they believe in, and I am fairly sure some of them might cut me out completely if they knew my spiritual Path. A great number of them are blood relatives.

Live your own lives, and keep your own house clean.

About Mad Annie, Bronwyn, Ann

I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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4 Responses to Duck Dynasty, Homosexuality and Free Speech FOR ALL

  1. mewhoami says:

    Yes, keep your own house clean and let people voice their opinions and beliefs. That is their right. That is everyone’s right. People are never going to agree with everyone or have everyone agree with them, and that is perfectly okay. As you said, it’s about Freedom of Speech. He had every right to say what he said and in no way did it come across as hateful. He was simply stating his beliefs.

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  3. LAMarcom says:

    I am not religious. In fact, I am an atheist, BUT, I respect the rights of everyone to have whatever beliefs they desire or need or just have. Last I checked we still have the First Amendment.
    Great post.

  4. Being gay myself I have to say I like your post. I’m not a huge fan of Phil Robertson, but I don’t hate him nor can I dislike him as a person. I’ve never met him. He has beliefs. I have beliefs. If they differ so what. He stated his beliefs, he didn’t say anything derogatory towards me. I don’t believe his beliefs and don’t expect him to believe mine. He may believe I am a sinner and has the right to state his belief, it doesn’t mean I am a sinner in reality. I don’t believe in shooting defenseless animals when they take flight and I can say that, but he has the right to do it if he wants. Shooting ducks is legal, so is being gay. I don’t shoot ducks and he doesn’t sleep with men. So we respect each other, but are allowed to voice our beliefs.

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