My daughter makes me so proud in many

My daughter makes me so proud in many ways. She loves music, and is dedicated to Chorus. Last year, she was named Student of the year for 6th & 7th grade Chorus. Tonight, she got that award for 8th grade. She also received her Varsity Letter for Music, and her Chorus Pin. I know Chorus and Drama will be part of her high school years, as well.  She will miss Mrs. B, but she is looking forward to working with Ms V.


In other news, all the rain we’ve been having is causing some trouble. I heard one county had ALL roads closed due to flooding and wash outs. Luckily, it wasn’t mine. Since I live on an island in the middle of the Hudson, I get a wee bit nervous when she starts swelling. Fortunately for me, this island is a bit of a dome…so a block up from the river, and we rarely flood. I think twice in my life, we’ve ended up with water in the basement, but never more than an inch or two. I can hear her from where I sit now, and I can really hear her from my bedroom, especially late at night, when everything else is quiet. She sounds like she’s right outside, but I am three blocks away from the closest point. I took some pictures this evening while we were at the Ukrainian Club for the Booster Club dinner.


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