Sometimes, It Just Goes RIGHT

Shopping for clothes for a plus-sized person can be heart-breaking and depressing. It is worse when that person is a teenaged girl. Last weekend, she found a beautiful dress she fell in love with… but they didn’t have it in her size.

This morning, we headed to another mall with a larger selection of stores. First stop was Payless shoes… she needed sandals for this summer. The clerk was a great help, pulling styles she thought a 14 year old girl might like in the proper size. The second pair the Kidling tried on, she cheered. She loved them (they are gold metallic-look) and they fit. The plan was for her to leave the store wearing them, because she had my flip-flops on. The clerk cut all the tags off for her. The longer she had them on, the more she liked them. SCORE!

Then we stopped at the Deb Shop. The Kidling was far from the only teen looking for a party dress, and the Deb Shop had loads to choose from, in sizes from 5 to 24! Between Kidling, myself, and Grammie, we found 5 for Kidling to try on. The first one didn’t look so great on her. The second one, which she had picked out, fit well and looked…. incredible. And the look on her face as she twirled to show me and Grammie…. I knew THAT was the dress. I teared up a bit. This is my BABY! When did she get old enough for glitz and glam for real? She also got her bling there: a necklace/earring set and a bracelet to match. All under $100.

Of course, the perfect dress needs the right bra. FOREVER 21 had the perfect strapless crop-corset, and it didn’t cost me the $60 Macys wanted.

Lunch at Johnny Rocket’s is ALWAYS a favorite. Kidling and I got the Route 66 burgers, and Grammie had the Smokehouse Single. I am paying for it, but since only the bun had stuff in it that bothers my stomach, not nearly as much as I would have eating in most other places in the mall.

Stopped off at Fresh Market on the way home to pick up some Irish Bangers… and got some Surrey sausages and market-style bacon as well. Got soda and smokes at PC, then it was home to let the dog out, a nap for Grammie, the Kentucky Derby coverage for the Kidling, and computer time for me. Supper was easy: I made macaroni salad and baked chicken last night.

It truly has been a GREAT day.


About Mad Annie, Bronwyn, Ann

I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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