Why I’m NOT an EMT

I have nothing but respect for EMTs and Paramedics. They do a wonderful job. I have been VERY fond of them since girlhood, when Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe introduced us to John Gage and Roy DeSoto, and the rest of the crew from Station 51 and Rampart General. Hubby served as a Diving Medic in his younger years. But by the time I was sixteen, and had some Candy Striper time in, I knew it wasn’t a job I could do. Not because I am female… I know a few female EMTs and they are right on the ball.

For one thing, I am INCREDIBLY needlephobic. I have to psych myself out to donate blood or have blood work done. I once punched an EMT who had to start an IV on me, because I was coherent enough to see the needle, but not enough to know what was going on. Both my grandmothers were diabetic and took insulin shots… and I could NOT be in the same room when they did. Can’t take’em, can’t watch’em….doubt I could give’em!

I am not all that strong, so lifting patients might be a problem, too.That fact was borne out today (more on that later)

Then there is Delayed Reaction Syndrome. Now, I don’t know if that’s a “real” thing according to the AMA, but I have it, nonetheless. I am fine in an emergency… especially if someone else is calling the shots and I just have to follow orders. But when the emergency is over, leave me alone in a corner to shake/cry/wonder if I could have averted something. Today, I am just shaky.

Why? What brought this topic to my blog today?

My last customer at work. I handed him his change, and he put it away…then his face got strangely blank, and down he went. By the time I got to him, he was coming around, a bit embarrassed, and claiming he was fine. Two of us helped him up, but three of us insisted he needed to fill out an accident report, because we weren’t sure if he’d hit his head going down, (It looked like he did). I was standing directly behind him…. and he went down again in my arms. Thank the gods the gentleman who’d helped us the first time was still right there, because I am not sure I could have kept us off the floor. An off-duty ER nurse came to help BLESS HER!.. and when he started going a third time, helped get him flat on the floor …where she realised he had no pulse. She took care of that while my supervisor was on the phone with 9-1-1. The first EMT came in while S was still on the phone. The gentleman said he felt alright, they let him sit up. He was talking to us clearly….then said he felt woozy again, so we helped him lay down again.

By the time they took him out, reaction was setting in with me… I was shaking when I punched out, shaking when I drove home, and I still feel worry. The guy is a regular, and a nice person, and I hope he’s alright.


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I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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1 Response to Why I’m NOT an EMT

  1. Karen Mann says:

    That “delayed reaction” it TOTALLY normal!! It’s just your body going through the withdrawl of an adrenaline rush. Believe me, it used to happen to me on a regular basis when I was working as a Paramedic. Intense calls had me shaking for quite a while afterwards. Heck, when that guy broke into my house a couple of years ago, I shook for a good 3 hours after the cops and EMS had left. The fact that you kept your cool DURING the event makes me think you’d make a great EMT. Needles are a whole ‘nother issue. I take 6 shots a day for my diabetes, and I’m not fond of them, either. I hate the finger poking the worst!
    Hopefully your gentleman customer got a pacemaker or AICD implanted and is doing better. Sounds like he was having some serious heart rhythm issues.
    Hugs to you and the family!

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