One of the blogs I follow, HarsH ReaLiTy, is written by Opinionated Man… a Korean-born gent about ten years younger than I am, who was adopted young by a Caucasian couple here in the States. Sometimes, he’s caustic, and I don’t always agree with his opinions, but I do realize where his opinions seem to be coming from: his own experiences.
Adoption is one of those topics. He posted last week that his is against LGBT couples adopting. I didn’t comment…. he was adopted and his opinions are based on his experiences. I decided to air my opinions on the subject here, on my own blog, instead.

First, let me point out that I was not adopted, I have not adopted any child, and at my age, it isn’t likely I will. My cousin and his wife have ten adopted children, My other cousin has one birth child and four adopted. One of my favorite teachers has two adopted children…her daughter, like OM, is Asian. And two very talented men, one whom I have known since childhood, have two adopted children. They are a gay couple, and their children are happy and healthy.

And isn’t that the whole idea? That a child bereft of natural family, for whatever reason, have a stable, loving home environment where they can grow and flourish? With that in mind, I don’t see why LGBT couples should NOT be allowed to adopt. Some of the LGBT couples I know have been in stable relationships a lot longer than many of our straight classmates. They are no more prone to child abuse than any other group. And far from the idea these children will grow up without the benefit of the positive influence of the gender opposite their parents…that’s what extended family and close friends are for. Just like it is for the child of a single parent.

There are so many children out there in bad situations, in the system and out of it. I fail to understand not allowing a loving family to adopt these children based on religion, race, or sexual orientation. The first is learned, the second genetic inheritance, and the third is also something they are born with. It makes more sense to me to vet prospective families on criminal and mental heath issues, and make sure they have the space and the funds to care for the child.

They say almost anyone can father/give birth to a child, but that it takes special people indeed to be a real parent. And some of those special people just happen to be members of the LGBT community.,


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I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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