Transitions Between Holidays

Hope everyone had all the turkey they wanted. Mommy did the cooking, the brother did the dishes, and the Kidling and I walked the dog. We had turkey for snacking on Friday, and both Mommy and I made our own versions of turkey soup on Saturday. We were going to go do community stuff Saturday, but both Mommy and the Kidling were sick, so that got scrapped.

The Musical is over, and the kids rocked it. I have tried six times so far to upload the video I took of the Kidling’s group doing their song “Trust In Me”, and so far…it crashes every time I try! Thanksgiving is over, and now the count-down to Yule and Christmas has started for most people. (My cousin is not most people. She starts her count-down to Christmas the day after New Year!) I told the Kidling yesterday that if she got up this morning and helped with the laundry and house work, we could start decorating for the Holidays.

AT five am, I had one of those blinding, where’s-the-ice-bag migraines. I took one of my pills, turned the fan up to high, and curled up again. At 10, Mom called and asked if I’d run her to the store for the news papers. When we got back, I curled up back in bed. At one in the afternoon, the Kidling attacked my feet to get me out of my drug-induced slumber. The head still hurts, and has all day BUT… the Christmas village is in the kitchen, my Christmas angels are in the living room, the stockings are hung, and a few other things.I know what I want to finish off the altar, but it remains to be seen if I actually GET them.  So far, the only gifts I have are the Kidling’s. I know what I want for the brother. Am not sure what I’m getting for the hubs or Mommy. I may make something for Mommy, like I am for the Kidling. I am so disgusted by all the major stores that opened on THANKSGIVING this year, and extremely disappointed in all the people who actually went out and SHOPPED on a holiday that is all about FAMILY.

The other thing we sorta accomplished today was the list of cookies we want to bake this year. It’s supposed to help me write up the shopping list, but the Kidling came up with the list and forgot to pull the recipes. This year: MishMash, Sugar Cookies, GingerBread and rum balls. I know some of what I need….but not everything, so I will have to pull the recipes tomorrow while she’s at school.

Find a way to put the meaning back into the season. Skip the big fancy crap and do something as a family that DOESN’T cost. Go caroling. Bake cookies, Build a snowman. Clear the living room and dance to seasonal music (yeah, we did that one today, too…and I am paying for it now.) Shop local stores and handcrafters. Make memories.



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I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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