Musicals, Holidays, and Special Projects

The Kidling’s school musical is over. They did AWESOME. I did manage to get “Trust In Me” on video, but I can’t seem to get it to upload from my computer to PhotoBucket. Had to use DropBox to share it with her father and grandparents in the UK, because the file is too large to email it. The three teachers who put the most work into this every year are awesome. I think the Kidling is a little sad this was the last time she’ll be working with them. As was pointed out to me Saturday night….next year, she will be in the High School, and it is a whole different world up there.

Thanksgiving in the US this week. And Black Friday. Back when I worked for Bradlees (which is no more), I used to volunteer to go in and work Black Friday openings. There’s no way I could shop that kind of madness. Bradlees used to give vouchers to those of us who worked it so we could get the deals later on. Now I work in a grocery market. We are open until 3pm, so people can get last minute food or pick up the meal they ordered, and newspapers. We don’t tend to run full crews on days like this, and the managers try to use volunteers first. Since my mother does the cooking, and we don’t eat until later in the day, I volunteered. I know a number of the college students who are home for the weekend, and high schoolers have also volunteered. I can see FOOD stores being opened for a few hours.    I DO NOT understand why stores like WalMart and Target need to be opened AT ALL on Thanksgiving. And I personally think all these people who are so gun-ho about SHOPPING on Thanksgiving are pretty damn SELFISH. They aren’t thinking about the workers, just themselves. Because these stores aren’t asking for volunteers as much as they’re saying “Sign up yourself or we’ll sign you up.” And with the way the economy is, how many are really going to say “Fire me, but this is FAMILY time.”? I may not have a huge choice where I shop, but I will be limiting my spending in Target and WalMart as much as possible this year.

Which brings me to the last part of the title: Special Projects. I am doing more crafts for gifts this year. Saves money, ensures I get exactly what I want for someone, and there’s more love involved in the effort. Can’t say what I am making, or who I am crafting for… that would give things away. But I can say it includes sewing, cross-stitch, photography, writing, and iron-ons. Or, it was supposed to involved transfers. I picked the image, worked the design on the computer, printed it out on regular paper to check, then tried….TWICE… to print it out on the transfer paper. Did not work, and that transfer paper isn’t cheap. I may try one more time, depending on how much money is in my paychecks between now and December 20th. Another special project this week is the clean up of the house so we can decorate for the Holidays around the first. Next Saturday is our town’s Lighting of the Tree, and the weekend after that, Kidling is going to sing with the Chorus at a Breakfast with Santa at one of the grade schools. Her choice, and I am proud of her.

Sometimes, it seems hard to find anything to be truly thankful for, at least on the surface. I grouse because I don’t get enough hours at work to cover my bills. I hate not having hubs here, or having enough extra to keep myself in smokes and soda. Then I stop and realize: I have a roof over my head, and I am managing to keep my child fed. I was not in Sandy’s path, and did not lose home, animals, friends/family. My mother is in good health, unlike one of the ladies whose blog I follow and is now losing her mom. My brother is my safety net, even when he doesn’t agree with my life choices. I have a job, when so many no longer do.

So, take stock of your blessings, my friends. Not just this week, but every day of the year. And help out those who don’t have quite so much.

And if you come to visit on Thanksgiving: THE DRUMSTICK IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About Mad Annie, Bronwyn, Ann

I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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