Cars and Kids

Okay, I will admit I don’t know a lot about cars. I can change a tire, check the fluids, gas it up, and usually can tell if there is something wrong with how it feels driving it. That’s why I took it to my mechanic on Wednesday, because I thought something was wrong with the breaks (which were done in March). I never looked at the tires. The front two were bald and the back two were starting to rot. Well, that was going to be approximately $500 I DIDN’T have. Kid brother to the rescue yet again. He knows I rely heavily on my Ely (YES, my car has a name. Doesn’t yours?) So, I called Avis Tires yesterday, and got an appointment for the first thing this morning. May I just say here that the crew at Avis Tires in Latham are AWESOME? The guy working on my car came out and asked me to follow him for a minute…. Ya know the front struts, that are supposed to be connected by a type of pin? Yeah, the pin on the passenger side was GONE. The two sections of the strut were resting on top of each other, slipping across each other. How I did not lose control and kill myself or worse…someone else…Somewhere, there is a Guardian highly deserving of some really spectacular award. Yes, this meant the bill was over $700, but my vehicle is now SAFE, and that makes me feel better.

In other news, last night was the Halloween Dance at the Kidling’s school. I don’t normally enter the gym during these, because my head no longer deals well with strobe lights. Since I already knew I had to be up and out early today, dealing with a migraine last night wasn’t an option. I stayed on the concession table. The kids did GREAT jobs on their costumes, and everything was age appropriate. I got some neat pictures, usually with the kids (the principal and the assistant principal) standing next to a huge blow-up gargoyle. I have one picture I can actually post, which doesn’t have Gus the Gargoyle… but the “student” is totally unrecognizable, so I won’t be inviting trouble. Only one person got a little out of hand, and we don’t know who she was…but she put a wad of used chewing gum on one of the seats in the girls’ bathroom. Kidling spent more time in the gym dancing than out in the hall keeping track of me for a change. I am going to enjoy her last year in middle school, because I am afraid of what her high school years are going to be like. I HOPE she won’t suffer in silence until it gets to be too much for her. I HOPE her class knows better the effects of severe bullying. Unfortunately, I don’t have much hope the current principal will grow a real backbone and deal more firmly with trouble makers than he currently seems to. If I wasn’t such a dunce, I’d home school. But today’s courses don’t seem to bear a lot of resemblance to the courses I took 20 years ago.

SAMHAIN BLESSINGS, one and all, in case Sandy’s “visit” to our area means I can’t get online (or off the island)

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I am a wife.mother, writer, cashier (hey, it helps pay the bills), Pagan who sometimes thinks too much. A jackie of all trades and mistress of none
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